AbaWebBusiness Software from the Cloud

AbaWeb subscriptions at a glance

As little as possible - as much as necessary.

The cloud-based Abacus software is tailored to your needs. Ask your trustee for the Abacus modules you need. Below you will find some examples and possibilities. Further modules can be found at www.abacus.ch

General Ledger

has proven itself in over 10,000 companies - the Swiss financial accounting of the past and the future.

from CHF 21.- /month*

Financial Accounting

offers electronic banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger accounting from a single source.

from CHF 70.- /month*

Electronic Banking

processes payments automatically thanks to full integration with business applications.

from CHF 17.- /month*


is a customized solution for users of any company size and any industry. One million payroll settlements per month with Abacus Business Software speak for themselves.

from CHF 18.- /month*

Order processing

links purchasing, ordering and warehouse management as a professional solution.

from CHF 45.- /month*

Project Management

records services for the target-oriented and efficient planning, administration, accounting and control of projects.

from CHF 10.- /month*


achieves new dimensions in CRM through the integrated sales support function.

from CHF 21.- /month*

Archiving and Scanning

enables paperless administration by digitizing documents, storing them in a dossier or assigning them directly to an accounting transaction.

from CHF 10.- /month*

E-Business / E-Commerce

electronically exchanges documents with business partners, and stores, processes and sends them automatically and efficiently.

from CHF 17.- /month*

*all prices are exclusive of hosting, updates and the services of the AbaWeb provider or fiduciary.

The trusted & flexible subscription solution


The choice is yours

  • AbaWeb subscriptions provide decision-makers with the exact information they need to make informed choices.
  • With AbaWeb, you are not required to pay for the entire package, but subscribe only to those Abacus Business Software modules that are important to you.
  • And as a start-up you can even work with our AbaNinja software for free. As soon as your needs increase, we recommend AbaWeb.

Streamlined, digital, efficient

  • Managers are looking for lean, powerful solutions that adapt to their business. With your customized AbaWeb subscriptions, you get everything you need to manage and control your company.
  • You decide what is necessary. And if you are unsure, simply ask your AbaWeb provider for an individual consultation.
  • Choose Abacus, the market leader for business software in Switzerland.